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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training covers basic skills that are important to know in a disaster when emergency services are not available. With training and practice, and by working as a team, you will be able to protect yourself and maximize your capability to help for the greatest number of people after a disaster.

Before, during, and after disasters, CERT volunteer teams perform basic response activities, including checking in on neighbors, distributing information to the public, supporting emergency operations centers, and helping to manage traffic and crowds. Local CERT programs train and organize teams of volunteers to assist their families, neighbors, co-workers, and other community members.

Hands-on training in Brazoria County is offered by the Homeland Preparedness Project. Training is usually conducted two evenings per week over a four week period, plus a final exam and disaster simulation.

Topics include disaster preparedness, CERT organization, disaster medical operations, disaster psychology, fire safety and utility controls, light search and rescue operations, and CERT and terrorism.

Learn more by downloading the CERT Basic Training Participant Manual and visiting FEMA CERT Training.

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