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Save Our Beach Association



The dunes are important to the ecology of Surfside Beach. SOBA members  protect and enhance them in two ways. 


We host Dunes Day in January when discarded Christmas trees arrive in Surfside Beach in the rental trucks that we rent, fuel, load, and unload.  We stake trees and tie them in rows in front of the dune line to assist in catching blowing sand to help their building process. The dunes are a vital part of flood and wave action control in a tropical storm or hurricane.


In the spring, we purchase and plant sea oats along the foot of the dunes and water them throughout the next few months. Their roots help to keep the the sand in place.

Rather than releasing balloons in the memory of your loved one, which litters the beach and can kill wildlife, please consider a more lasting memorial: planting sea oats. Learn more about Memorial Sea Oats here.

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