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Save Our Beach Association

Memorial Sea Oats


Rather than releasing balloons in the memory of your loved one, which litters the beach and can kill wildlife, please consider a more lasting memorial: planting sea oats.


Sea oats are planted in the dunes by Save Our Beach Association (SOBA) in order to help strengthen and build the sand dunes on the beach. As the sea oats grow, they help to anchor the dunes and protect the beach from high tides, surges and storms.


You can donate $25 for each bundle of five sea oats.


  • Sea oats will be planted by SOBA members twice a year, in March and October. The actual dates are determined based on weather conditions.

  • Memorial Sea Oats can only be planted in the designated Memorial Sea Oats area.

  • Donors cannot put up signs or other items in the Memorial Sea Oats area.

  • Memorial Sea Oats may not be replaced should they die or get washed out from a storm.

You can make your donation here.

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