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Save Our Beach Association


H-E-B Wildlife and Parks Videos

On Saturday, October 7, members of SOBA screened five videos on the Texas state parks and wildlife launched by H-E-B through its Our Texas, Our Future documentary series. Created in partnership with Fin & Fur Films, the videos include:

Starting with just six acres in 1923 and growing to 1.5 million acres in 2023, the nearly 90 Texas State Parks enable Texans across the state to get out and enjoy the diverse, stunning land and wildlife the parks help protect.

Two female Texas State University wildlife researchers work against the clock to find a way to save Texas’s delicate—and crucial—bat population, while breaking barriers of their own.

Once overfished to dangerous levels, wild redfish are once again thriving on the Gulf Coast, thanks to a healthy balance of sustainable aquaculture and wild caught practices—and a group of passionate Houston anglers working to keep it that way.

Driven out of Texas in the 1900s, black bears have gradually returned to their historic habitat—and Borderlands Research Institute & West Texas ranchers are working to find out why.

Fewer than 120 ocelots remain in the U.S.A., and they’re all in deep South Texas. Their future depends on the ranchers & researchers working to create a sustainable agriculture system for both cattle & wildlife.

The website states “H-E-B is fiercely proud of our home state, and we support many Texas farmers, ranchers, researchers, and environmentalists who take good care of our land, water, and air. H-E-B is dedicated to putting Our Texas, Our Future first, so we can continue to support the communities we serve while helping preserve Texas’ natural beauty for generations to come.”

H-E-B contributed a $500 gift certificate to SOBA.

To learn more and to watch the videos, visit:


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